Campus Area : 11 Acres, 4.45 hectares (44300 Sq. mt.)

Built-up Area : 62000 Sq.ft. (5760

Play Ground Area : 6 acres (24800

Terrace Area : 18000 Sq.ft. (1672

Electricity : details of meters Kv , sanction load etc

Solar PV system : Grid tied, 15 KVA, Total Cost Rs. 8.5 lacs, (University funding : 3.5 lacs, Govt. Subsidy: Rs.1.5 lacs, College Contribution : 3 lacs)

Water : Borewell, Municipal Water tap

Rain Water Harvesting, Details :

Laboratories : Chemistry 4 labs, Physics, Zoology, Botany, Computer 2 labs, Language Lab, Commerce Lab

Generator, Battery Back up, Xerox facility

Number of Toilets : Gents : 10, Ladies : 2

Drainage System : Septic Tanks, Soak pits

MILESTONES : Chronology : Physical

Year,Mm,Dd Events (Physical)

1993, June College was started, in Vidyamandir High School Premises

2000 College Building constructed, Ground+First Floor

2000-01 Generator Set installed

2004 Second floor constructed

2004-05 Computer Lab. established

2005 Labs shifted to second floor of new building

2005, March Office & Library Software INNOX implemented

2007-08 FAX machine purchased, (Global 1995,Panasonic)

2008 Accounts began to be maintained in TALLY software

2008, June Seminar Hall renovated

2008-09 Gym Equipment added, 1st Lot (Rs. 60,000)

2008-09 Internet connection taken

2009, June M.Sc. Organic Chemistry Lab was setup

2009-10 Gym equipment added, 2nd Lot (Rs. 60,000)

2010, Dec Website launched

2011, March Parking shed constructed

2011, April VRIDDHI software implemented

2011, June Girls’ Hostel constructed

2011, July Library software LIBRARIA implemented

2011, Dec Computers connected by LAN

2011, Dec CCTV Cameras Security system installed

2010-11 Gym equipment added, 3rd Lot (Rs. 75,000)

2010-11 Comp. Lab :20 New PC’s & Battery Backup was added

MILESTONES : Chronology : Academic

Year Events (Academic)

1993, June Art and Commerce Faculty was started

1994, June Science Faculty was started

1994 NSS was started

2003, July 15 Permanent Affiliation obtained

2004-05 GIIT started

2004-05 PG course M.A. Eco. was started

2005, March UGC recognition under 2f & 12B obtained

2005-06 PG course M.Com. was started

2005-06 PG course M.A. Eng. was started

2006-07 VLC was started

2007-08 PG course M.Sc. Org. Chem. was started

2009, June TYBSC Botany Special was Started

2009-10 BBA & BCA were started

2009-10 PG course M.A. History was started

2009-10 Computerized Financial A/c UGC COP was started

2010-11 NCC was started

ROOMS Information : इमारत खोल्यांची माहिती :

ग्रामोन्नती मंडळाचे वसतिगृह

(मुलांसाठी व मुलींसाठी स्वतंत्र वसतिगृहे)

शांत, सुरक्षित, स्वच्छ, निसर्गरम्य वातावरणात बांधलेली ग्रामोन्नती मंडळाची वसतिगृहे मुला-मुलींसाठी उपलब्ध आहेत. वसतिगृहात २४ तास निवासी रेक्टरची देखरेख असते. आवश्यक ते फर्निचर, दिवा, फॅन, अंघोळीसाठी सोलरचे गरम पाणी वगैरे सोयी आहेत. मनोरंजनासाठी टी. व्ही. वृत्तपत्रे साप्ताहिके/मासिके वाचण्यास उपलब्ध असतात. खेळासाठी/व्यायामासाठी साहित्य व मैदान उपलब्ध आहे. भोजनासाठी मेसची व्यवस्था आहे. मासिक दरात रोज चहा नाष्टा व दोन वेळा जेवण देण्यात येते. मेसमध्ये फक्त शाकाहारी भोजन मिळते. महाविद्यालयात प्रवेश निश्चित झाल्यानंतर वसतिगृहात प्रवेश देण्यात येतो. अधिक माहिती व अर्ज ग्रामोन्नती मंडळाचे कार्यालयात मिळेल.

एकूण क्षमता : ९६ मुली, ४० मुले

वसतिगृहाची फी खालीलप्रमाणे आहे :

(१० महिने कालावधीच्या शैक्षणिक वर्षासाठी) :

मुलांसाठी व मुलींसाठी :

डिपॉझिट रु. १०००

खोली भाडे रु. १२०००

मेस चार्जेस रु. २६०००

(चहा, नाश्ता, दुपारचे व रात्रीचे जेवण)

एकूण रु. ३९०००

वरीलप्रमाणे एकूण खर्च शैक्षणिक वर्षासाठी पॅकेजचा आहे. त्यात खाडे, रजा इत्यादी साठी परतावा दिला जाणार नाही.

अधिक तपशीलासाठी ग्रामोन्नती मंडळाचे कार्यालयात अथवा वसतिगृहाचे कार्यालयात भेटावे.

एकदा भेट देऊन वसतिगृहाची सुविधा अवश्य पहा.

Campus Video, Infra Photos Gallery : put here

Maintenance and utilization of the infrastructure facilities

  • The infrastructure and learning resources are maintained by the support staff as well as the students of ‘Earn while Learn Scheme’. The college has established a well elaborated system and procedures for maximum utilization and proper maintenance of physical, academic and support facilities for benefit to the users. The college makes provision in the annual budget for procurement, up-gradation and maintenance of accessories. The details are as follows:

  • Optimal utilization of budget allocated for various heads are taken care of by committees like IQAC, Building maintenance committee, Purchase committee, Library advisory committee, Hostel committee, Gymkhana committee and Audit department of our Gramonnati Mandal Sanstha. Review of expenditure is done by these committees and they ensure that the allocated budget is utilized or not. The CDC (College Development Committee) meets twice in a year and reviews the budgetary allocations for physical, academic and support facilities. The internal audit of the college is done by sanstha twice in year and final Government audit by Joint Directors office.

  • The non- teaching staff members are allotted specific classrooms and particular campus sites for cleaning the physical infrastructure. The science and computer laboratories are maintained by Laboratory Assistant and Laboratory attendants working in these places. The Library up keep is done by Library Attendants. Fumigation process annually done by local agencies to control attack of molds and pests on the papers of books in the library.

  • The sports section of the college is maintained by players and additional assistance is provided on the occasion of sports competitions as and when required.

  • The college has a well established mechanism for upgrading and deploying campus IT infrastructure. The IT facilities have been upgraded in several phases as and when required. While planning IT infrastructure, the college first assesses the need, number of students and staff and also identifies the end user. The Router, Broadband and Switches are upgraded or replaced. Accordingly, IT facilities are upgraded in some classrooms, laboratories and research laboratories with LCD projectors and Wi-fi connectivity as per need of the students.

  • The needs/ requirements are in terms of software up gradation, purchase and maintenance are collected in the beginning of academic year. New IT infrastructure is added whenever a need arises in the department(s). During the warranty period maintenance is done by the company service centre. At present services are provided by service centers as and when needed.

  • The college has provided the necessary infrastructure in terms of computers, net connectivity, LAN facility and LCD projectors with screen in classrooms, laboratories and seminar hall. These are maintained by staff appointed.

  • Teachers are oriented for preparing multimedia presentations and guided to make the presentations effective and learner oriented as well as to maintain instruments properly.

  • The college has mechanism for looking into issues related with up-gradation/ maintenance/ repairs of the campus.

  • Maintenance of generators done on call basis by the suppliers.

  • Regular campus cleaning is done by the students of Earn-while learn scheme. Non-teaching staff as well as labor on daily wages maintain cleaning and beautification of the campus.

  • The cleaning of washrooms is outsourced.

  • The college office as well as science departments maintain a stock register for the equipment, class work materials, chemicals and furniture.

  • Audit department of our Gramonnati Mandal Sanstha makes verification of stock at the end of every year and missing and damaged items are noted during internal audit system.

  • The building and furniture are maintained by the college through local civil engineers on contract basis. Architecture and building supervisors of the sanstha supervise such works regularly.

  • Uninterrupted Power supply UPS is installed in computer laboratories, library, and administrative office through UPS and generators. Fire extinguishers system is also installed in the library, office and laboratories.

  • The college has electricity backup by generators and UPS which assumes significance in the light of frequent load shedding and ensures uninterrupted power supply. A 15 kVA roof top solar system has been installed.

  • Maintenance of botanical garden and campus beautification is done with the help of non-teaching staff and students of earn and learn scheme.

  • Local service providers maintain calibration and repair the various types of equipment installed in the college.

  • In case equipment becomes unserviceable within its service warranty period, it is returned to the suppliers for calibration service or replacement, e.g. biometric machine, computers, laboratory equipment, etc.

  • CCTV cameras have been installed at strategic locations for surveillance.

  • The unique feature of the college is its pollution free eco-friendly campus.

  • The college has one bore well and municipal water supply for routine use and to supply potable water through the purifiers installed. RO water purification plant with a capacity of 2000 LPH is installed, annual maintenance contract for which has been signed for 5 years. Bore well water is provided to hostels and for irrigation in the botanical garden.

  • Cleaning of water tanks is done as per schedule. Tank cleaning services are hired.

  • We conserve water through rain water harvesting system.