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The Placement and Career Guidance Center acts as an interface between the students and industries and helps the students towards their campus placement. The students are promoted and provided jobs through personal contacts of the faculty with reputed companies and educational institutions, graduate and post graduate students from different departments are employed. The cell informs the students about various job opportunities and motivates to apply for various jobs. The Placement Officer always provides guidance and gives reference for the benefit of the students. The cell has established contacts with the career guidance providing agencies. These linkages helped our students to experience the career building. This practice has made sincere attempts to provide career opportunities to the aspiring workforce. The composition of committee is as under-

Placement Cell is an integral part of our college and has been formed with an objective of providing good opportunity to students in terms of training and placement in a reputed company. The cell is designed to well coordinate with the students and the industries to achieve higher number of placements.

Placement Cell Committee :

Mr. Prasad .T. Bathe       Chairman

Dr.Vilas .V. Killedar         Member (Science Faculty)

Mr.Prakash.S.Chougule   Member (Science Faculty)

Mr.Sandip .M. Mahajan   Member (Arts Faculty)

Dr.Manjushri Rajmane     Member (Commerce Faculty)

Prof. Dinesh Gajulwar

Co-OrdinatorContact Details :

Prof. Akash Kambale


Prof. Dhananjay Wagh




A. Placement


1.1. All students who expect to graduate from the Institute by the end of the academic year and are seeking employment may register for campus placements with this office. Placement Registration is for ONE ACADEMIC YEAR ONLY.

1.2. Registration for B.A, B.COM, BSc, MScwill be done within the month of July. The Registration form may be downloaded from the Placement page of the Institute website.

1.3. Campus placement is a facility provided for the students of RajarshiChh.Shahu college, Kolhapur . Registration is not compulsory at all. Students not interested in placements are requested not to register for placements. Only registered students are allowed to appear in campus recruitment process.

1.4. Students having backlogs are advised not to register for placement. Such students are advised to improve and register after clearing the backlogs.

1.5. Students who have acquired their degrees and were not placed in the earlier year will not be allowed to re-register.

1.6. Students are required to express their willingness in writing for appearing in the campus recruitment process for a particular company. If a student does not appear in that company even after expressing willingness in writing, S/he will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year.

1.7. Students will be de-registered from the placement cell if they are involved in any indisciplinary activities in any stage of the campus recruitment.


2.1. Students are expected to follow the institute resume template (Registration Form) available on the placement website for preparing the resumes.

2.2. The details of the resume have to be genuine and any student found violating this rule will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year and it may be referred to Institute Disciplinary Committee for further action.


3.1 Notices of the PPT will be displayed on the notice board of Training & Placement Cell of the Institute.  Students should occupy the venue 15-mintues before the scheduled start of the PPT.

3.2 Students interested in a particular company, must attend its PPT without fail.

3.3 Students must clarify details regarding salary break-up, job profile, place of work, bond details etc with the companies during PPT.


4.1 It is the responsibility of the student to check announcements/notices/ updated information/shortlisted names etc. in the notice boards of Placement Office. Students are expected to be in time as per the announcements.

4.2 Latecomers for aptitude test/GD / interviewmay not be allowed to appear for the selection process.

4.3.A student who applies and gets shortlisted is bound to go through the entire selection process unless rejected midway by the company. Any student who withdraws deliberately in the midst of a selection process will be disallowed from placement for the rest of the academic year.

4.4 Students should maintain discipline and show ethical behavior in every                     action they take during the placement process.  Any student found violating the discipline rules set by the company or defaming the institute name will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academicyear.

4.5 Students found cheating or misbehaving in the selection process PPT/Test/GD/Interview) will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year. 


5.1.The copy of the offer letter is required to submit in the placement office.



6.1 MEDICAL TEST: The Placement office assumes that every selected student will pass the medical test. If there is a rejection at this stage, the studentwill be allowed to seek placement through this office again.

6.2 JOINING STATUS: In case, students decide not to join the company, they should inform the company in writing in advance. They are also required to submit a copy of that letter to the Placement Office.

6.3 DRESS CODE: Students must be formally dressed (white shirt, black trouser, tie & black blazer (during winter)) whenever they participate in any sort of interaction with a company. This office reserves the right to refuse permission to a student to attend the selection process, if their attire is unsatisfactory.

6.4 IDENTITY CARDS: Students must bring their identity cards with them whenever they go through a placement process

6.5 For all matters not covered by the above regulations, the Placement Office will use its discretion to take appropriate decisions.

B. Training Rules and Regulations


1.1. Pre-final year / Final year students are required to participate Workshops / Training Programs organized by Placement Cell compulsorily. It is the responsibility of the student to check announcements/notices/ updated information in the notice boards of Training &Placement Cell. Student may be disallowed for campus placement process for not attending the Workshops / Training Program.  

Important : CAUTION :

We are not responsible for any adverse work conditions and unsafe environment that may prevail at the workplace. Girl students must visit the workplace with their parents and decide for themselves about joining after ascertaining safety and security.