Dept. of Lifelong Learning & Extensionआजीवन अध्ययन व विस्तार विभाग

Dr. Anil Kale

M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., SETProgram Co-ordinator

The Center for Continuing Education established by Savitribai Phule University in 1972 was upgraded as the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension in 1978, as a result of University Grants Commission’s Policy (1977). Following the University Grants Commission’s Policy (1977), the National Adult Education Programme was launched by Government of India on October 2, 1978. The responsibility and the vital role given to the Universities in the NAEP was very much instrumental in upgrading the Centers for Continuing Education in various Universities as Departments of Lifelong Learning and Extension. This trend was accepted by the authorities at University of Pune.

In the College the University approved Center was started in 2006.