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Department Profile

  • Year of Establishment : 1995

  • Programs / Courses offered :

      • UG level : B.Sc. (FY, SY & TY Semester pattern) Since : 1995

  • No. of Teaching Posts :

      • Permanent : Sanctioned posts : 2 Filled: 1 Associate Professor, 1 Asst. Prof. Total filled 2

      • Temporary : 3 Asst. Prof. Total Teachers : 5

  • Teachers With Ph. D. = 1, With M.Phil.= --, With SET/NET : --1


"The science of the vegetable kingdom, is one of the most attractive, most useful, and most extensive departments of human knowledge. It is, above every other, the science of beauty." — Sir Joseph Paxton

Botany is the study of plants, and we need plants to survive. Plants provide an essential foundation for life on earth, the food we eat and the beauty of the natural environment and as a result botany is considered to be an extremely important science. Botany is no longer confined to the study of how and why plants survive in the way they do. With the advancement of technology the study of botany means the study of how plants are used in biotechnology, the significant part that they play in ecosystems and of course how they can continue to provide food, medicines and even fuel to an ever-expanding global population.

The Department of Botany was established in 1995 with a view to train the students desirous of learning, understanding, teaching and practicing various aspects of plant sciences. A large botanical garden and well-maintained Herbarium are the integral learning hubs of the department.

Ashok Kanade
Swapnil Kamble
Akshay WajageM.Sc.
Nilam GambhirM.Sc. B.Ed
Devanand GunjalS.S.CLab Attendant

Botanical Garden

Department of Botany has a botanical garden around of 72,000 square feet area, specialized for protection, cultivation and conservation of plants. It is devoted to plants preservation and display of a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names. The garden is divided into seven sections such as Medicinal plants, xerophytes, Palms, gymnosperms, hydrophytes, fernery and ornamentals. It also contains special unit as greenhouses- Dome and Vermi-compost units for organic fertilizers useful for nourishment of plants. Botanical garden is well equipped with irrigation facility and maintaining garden having Ornamental plants. Our college has special plantation area for conservation of perennial fruit plant.

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Cactus Garden

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Biodiversity/Green Audit

Biodiversity audit is the first step in the development of a green action plan for the campus. College campus has been visited by peer team during the period of Jun-July 2017 to carry out rapid survey of college campus to understand green cover, floristic composition, biodiversity assessment of campus and to analyze the data related to various environment friendly activities carried out by institution.

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Study Tours

Department of Botany organizes various study tours/botanical excursion for students. The purpose of the botanical excursion is usually observation for education, non-experimental research or to provide students with experiences apart from their regular curriculum and it also provide wide exposer to study of biodiversity in their natural habitat.

Department of Botany also organizes visit to various educational institution, research labs, and industry to know the actual scope and application of the subject.

Last Five Year Botanical Excursions

Departmental Library

Department of Botany has its own library which includes reference books, text books, flora, practical handbooks which avails the facility to botany department faculty as well as students

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Departmental Activities

Department of Botany organizes various programmes, workshops and special guest lectures which is subject oriented for the overall development of students.

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