Committees NAAC & IQAC

IQAC Committee Members

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A) Chairperson-Principal/Head of Institution

  • Shewale S. S. (Principal)

B) Five senior teachers and one senior administrative official Members

  1. Dr. Bhosale J. P. (Head, Research Center in Commerce)

  2. Dr. Kanade A. M. (Head, Dept. of Botany)

  3. Dr. Jamadar R. J. (Head, Dept. of Zoology)

  4. Prof. Shaikh S. S. (Head, Dept. of Chemistry)

  5. Dr. Pingle S. S. (Dept. of Chemistry)

  6. Shri. Kulkarni S.A. (Office Superintendent)

C) Two External experts on quality management : Members

  • Shri. Bramhe Arvind (Architect)

  • Shri. Prashant Shete (Project Officer, KVK Narayangaon)

D) Director / Coordinator

  • Dr. Kulkarni A. B.